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Welcome to Idvio

New Zealands intelligent distribution company

Idvio is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated intelligent distribution company. Idivio delivers the best in customer service and works with you to ensure the right technology is procured, developed and distributed. This in turn builds a strong, working partnership.

Based in Auckland with a separate offsite warehouse, we are able to deliver our brands to you at speed to enable you to get them on the customer's premises and integrated into their business as quickly as possible.

Idvio - Intelligent Distribution.

What do we offer?

Room Solutions

Huddle Rooms

Huddle rooms are small conference areas that are equipped with displays, cameras and audio devices. The rooms are used by groups who have an impromptu or scheduled meetings to collaborate, share and connect. The benefits of having huddle rooms is that they are able to accommodate unexpected meetings and are always available unlike boardrooms.

Huddle Team Room

Huddle Team Rooms are medium to large rooms accomodating upto 20 participants. These rooms are equiped with larger displays screens, sometimes dual and higher quality cameras to capture all seated participants. Audio devices delivering superior microphones and speaker along the table ensure all participants can be heard by the far end.

Zoom Rooms

Zoom can be used in any sized conference room and the meetings, training seminars or lectures can all be recorded. You also have the ability to wirelessly share content. Zoom can support up to 3 screens with split views and can be used on phones, tablets, laptops and computers. Idvio can hook you up with a partner with Zoom and any business technology you may need to start your video conferencing!

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